Hey there, I’m Andruid.

One day, I realized that I had been writing games, writing for games, and playing writing games since pretty much the dawn of the internet. AOL chat rooms, IRC channels, play-by-post, MU* games, interactive stories, choose your own adventure, tabletop sessions… I’ve spent a lot of time writing and roleplaying online!

Over the many years I’ve been doing this stuff, I have been at times a gamer, contributor, moderator, builder, supporter, creator, coder/developer, and administrator. I currently work in the tech industry, where I wear a number of hats that keep me on my toes, but in my free time, I enjoy writing, roleplaying, and sharing what I learn, especially in a way that’s accessible and approachable to non-experts.

To that end, this blog is meant to be a resource for creative writers, roleplayers, and gamers of all stripes. I hope you find it useful, and thanks for visiting!

Feel free to check out my News page or Ko-fi page to see what I’ve been up to lately. You can also reach me by email at andruid@writing-games.com.

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