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Ways to support Writing Games

  1. The easiest way to support Writing Games is to tell your friends about it. Share your favorite posts with your communities or on your website. These links help introduce new people to the world of text-based games.
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Bonus content available to Supporters

The following bonus content is available to Supporters on Ko-fi:

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to create an account on Ko-fi to support Writing Games?

Nope! However, there are 2 benefits to having an account: 1) allows you to access bonus content, and 2) allows you to follow the Writing Games Ko-fi page and get notified whenever new content is published to the blog. Creating an account is easy and 100% free.

How long do I get access to bonus content on Ko-fi?

Monthly Supporters can access exclusive content anytime. One-time Supporters can enjoy access for a full 30 days from the time of their donation.

Can I donate more than $4 to support Writing Games?

Yes! That’s just the minimum amount. To donate more, you can 1) increase the amount, 2) add multiple “coffees” by clicking the plus sign, or 3) click the Monthly button to donate on a recurring basis.

If I support Writing Games, will Ko-fi get a cut of my donation?

Nope, Ko-fi will not take a fee when you support Writing Games.

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