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    What does L&L stand for?

    L&L stands for “Lords and Ladies.” It refers to a genre of roleplaying games (RPGs) that focus on the social dynamics, intrigue, and relationships between members of nobility.

    These games often emphasize character development, political maneuvering, and interpersonal relationships over combat or adventuring.

    Players might take on the roles of dukes, countesses, knights, or other high-status individuals, navigating the complexities of court life and the challenges of maintaining or enhancing their social standing.

    L&L games can vary widely in setting, from historical reenactments to fantasy realms. What defines them is their focus on the themes of power, status, and political maneuvering within high society.

    The term “Lords and Ladies” has origins in historical and societal contexts but has also been applied to literature and fiction that follow similar themes.

    L&L FAQs

    What kinds of scenarios are typical in L&L games?

    Scenarios in L&L games often revolve around social events, political intrigue, and personal conflicts among the nobility. These can include balls, tournaments, negotiations, marriages, and power struggles, where players must use their wit, alliances, and social skills to achieve their goals.

    How does character creation differ in L&L games?

    In L&L games, character creation often emphasizes social status, lineage, and personal relationships more than physical abilities or combat skills. Players may need to consider their character’s family background, social connections, and personal ambitions, which can significantly impact the gameplay and narrative.

    Are L&L games combat-free?

    Not necessarily. While L&L games focus more on social interaction and politics, they can still include combat elements. However, physical conflicts are usually less frequent and typically serve the narrative’s political or personal stakes rather than being central to the game.

    Can L&L games be played online?

    Yes, L&L games can be played online, either through text-based platforms, virtual tabletop systems, or communication software such as Discord. Online play can facilitate intricate storytelling and character interaction, essential elements of L&L gaming.

    How important is historical accuracy in L&L games?

    The importance of historical accuracy varies by game and group. Some L&L games strive for high historical fidelity, adding depth and realism to the setting. Others use history as a loose backdrop for more fantastical or fictional narratives. The level of historical accuracy is often a matter of preference for the players and the GM.

    Myths about L&L games

    One common myth about L&L games is that they are boring or lack action because they focus less on combat. However, these games can be incredibly engaging and intense, offering a different type of drama and excitement through social maneuvering and intrigue.

    Another misconception is that L&L games are only for players with a deep understanding of history or nobility. While such knowledge can enhance play, many games are designed to be accessible and enjoyable for all players, regardless of their knowledge of history.

    L&L examples

    • A game set in the Elizabethan era, where players are courtiers vying for the favor of the Queen while navigating the treacherous waters of English politics and espionage.
    • A fantasy RPG set in a court of elves, where players, as nobles, must balance their family’s legacy with personal desires amid magical intrigues and ancient feuds.
    • A historical reenactment game where players assume the roles of French nobility during the Sun King’s reign, engaging in diplomacy, romance, and duels to enhance their standing.
    • A modern reinterpretation where players are high society members in a contemporary setting, using their wealth and influence to shape politics and society while dealing with personal scandals and secrets.

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