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    What is an oldbie?

    An oldbie is an established or experienced player in the context of roleplaying or online gaming communities.

    This term highlights someone who has been part of a game or community for a significant period, often possessing extensive knowledge of game mechanics, lore, and culture.

    Unlike newcomers or “newbies,” oldbies are familiar with the ins and outs of the game, including advanced strategies and community norms. They often contribute to guiding or mentoring newer players and may help in other areas, as well.

    The term “oldbie” originated within online and gaming communities as a way to distinguish between the experience levels of players.

    While it carries a sense of respect for the experience and knowledge these players bring, it’s also a casual acknowledgment of their long-term involvement.

    Oldbie FAQs

    How do oldbies impact gaming communities?

    Oldbies play a crucial role in shaping the culture and knowledge base of gaming communities. Their experience and understanding of the game make them valuable sources of advice, strategy, and lore. They often help moderate discussions, contribute to community-driven projects, and mentor newer players, fostering a sense of continuity and growth within the community.

    See: Ways to welcome and include new players.

    Can someone be an oldbie in one game and a newbie in another?

    Absolutely. The status of being an oldbie is game-specific and sometimes even class-specific. A player might be an oldbie in one community or game due to their long-term involvement and extensive knowledge but can still be a newbie in another game where they are just beginning to learn the ropes.

    Likewise, they might be an oldbie when it comes to playing fighting characters but a complete newb at playing spellcasters.

    Do oldbies always have high skill levels?

    Not necessarily. While oldbies are experienced and knowledgeable about the game’s mechanics, lore, and community, their skill level can vary. Being an oldbie is more about the depth of experience and familiarity with the game rather than a direct reflection of skill or competitiveness.

    How does one become an oldbie?

    Becoming an oldbie is a matter of time, involvement, and engagement with a game and its community. It involves not just playing the game over an extended period but also participating in community activities, discussions, and possibly contributing to the game’s development through feedback, content creation, or beta testing.

    What is the difference between an oldbie and a veteran?

    The terms are often used interchangeably, but some communities may distinguish between them based on the level of achievement or contribution. A veteran might imply not only long-term involvement but also significant achievements or contributions to the community, whereas an oldbie might simply mean someone with a long history in the game.

    Myths about oldbies

    • Oldbies are always the best players. While oldbies have a lot of experience, the best player status is not guaranteed. Skill levels among oldbies can vary widely.
    • Oldbies are unwelcoming to newbies. This is a common misconception. Many oldbies enjoy sharing their knowledge and experience with new players, helping to guide and integrate them into the community.
    • You have to play for years to be considered an oldbie. The transition from newbie to oldbie is less about the specific length of time and more about the depth of one’s involvement and contribution to the community.

    Oldbie examples

    • A player who has been actively participating in Dungeons & Dragons campaigns for over a decade, familiar with various editions and lore.
    • An experienced World of Warcraft player who has been part of the game since its early expansions, known for their extensive knowledge of game mechanics and history.
    • A member of an online roleplaying forum who has been contributing stories and advice for several years, helping to shape the community’s culture.

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