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    What is a permaban?

    A permaban is a permanent ban from a text-based roleplaying game or other online multiplayer game. This punishment is given to players who violate the rules in severe ways.

    Once issued, the player can no longer participate in the game. Admins or moderators enforce permabans to maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone.

    A brief history of the term

    The term originated in the early 2000s with the rise of online gaming communities. It became popular as a way to describe irreversible bans for players who repeatedly broke rules or caused significant disruptions.

    Over time, the use of this term has expanded beyond gaming into other online communities, reflecting a growing need for strict moderation. Its use has increased, especially as online platforms emphasize community guidelines and safety.

    Modern usage

    In gaming today, permabans are used in various genres to maintain order and fairness. Both competitive and casual gaming communities rely on this measure to address serious misconduct.

    Types of games that feature permanent bans include but are not limited to:

    MMORPG, FPS, MOBA, social media RPG, PvP, RPI, and their respective communities.

    Permaban examples

    Example behaviors that might result in a permanent ban:

    • A player repeatedly uses racial slurs in an online game despite multiple temporary bans and warnings from the moderators.
    • A user is found to be selling their account, violating the game’s terms of service. (Not all games and platforms have rules against this, but some do.)
    • A player uses third-party software to manipulate game outcomes in a competitive shooter game. Obvious cheating and unfair play can result in a permanent ban.
    • A community forum member shares another user’s personal information without consent, engaging in doxxing. Doxxing can cause serious harm to other players and is typically considered a bannable offense.

    Myths about permabans

    A permaban is always issued without warning. In reality, most platforms issue warnings or temporary bans before resorting to a permanent ban unless the violation is exceptionally severe and the evidence against the player is overwhelming.

    Only the user’s current account is affected by a permaban. Platforms often implement measures to prevent the same user from creating new accounts, such as IP bans, blacklists, and so on.

    Permabans are arbitrary and cannot be contested. Most platforms have a structured process for handling bans and appeals, ensuring a degree of fairness in the enforcement of community guidelines.

    Permaban FAQs

    What typically warrants a permanent ban in an online game?

    In online gaming, actions such as cheating, using exploits, engaging in severe harassment, doxxing, and other forms of severe misconduct can result in a permanent ban. These actions violate the terms of service and can severely affect the gaming experience for other players.

    What are the consequences of a permaban?

    The primary consequence is the loss of access to the platform, including any associated accounts and content. This means the user cannot participate in the community or use the platform’s services.

    In some cases, a permanent ban can also affect the user’s reputation within other online communities.

    Can a permaban be appealed?

    Yes, a permanent ban can sometimes be appealed. Many platforms and games have a process for appealing bans, where the banned user can present their case for why the ban should be lifted.

    However, the success of an appeal often depends on the circumstances of the ban and the evidence of reform or misunderstanding presented by the user.

    Are permabans effective?

    Yes, they can be effective in maintaining a positive and safe environment on a platform. By permanently removing users who engage in harmful behavior, platforms can protect their communities and uphold their rules.

    However, the real effectiveness of permabans depends on consistent enforcement and clear guidelines.

    Is a permaban always permanent?

    While the intention behind a permanent ban is for it to be permanent, there are exceptions where a ban is lifted after a long period or due to a successful appeal. This can happen if the banned individual demonstrates a significant change in behavior or if there was a mistake in the application of the ban.

    Sometimes, permabans can be lifted due to a change in management. The incoming admin or moderator may have a different opinion on the ban or bans in general and may choose to give the offending player another chance.

    Why would someone receive a permaban?

    A person might receive a permanent ban for repeated rule violations, cheating, harassment, or other serious misconduct. The decision to issue a permaban is typically made by moderators or administrators who determine that the user’s behavior is harmful to the community.

    How does a permaban differ from a temporary ban?

    A temporary ban restricts user access for a limited period—ranging from a few days to several months—after which the user can regain full access. In contrast, a permanent ban is intended to be irreversible, permanently restricting access to a game or platform unless successfully appealed.

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