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    What is a remort?

    Remorting is a feature in some multi-user dungeons (MUDs) that allows players to restart their character after reaching the maximum available level or experience points, but with enhanced abilities or stats not available to first-time characters.

    This system is designed to extend gameplay and provide a sense of continued progression and challenge for veteran players. Not all MUDs incorporate a remort system; its presence depends on the specific codebase and game design philosophy.

    The concept of remorting emerged in the early days of text-based online roleplaying games as a way to keep the games engaging for long-term players.

    By allowing characters to start over with additional powers or unique traits, developers could maintain player interest and deepen the game’s complexity.

    A similar concept can be found in some single-player video games in the form of a + save or other kind of enhanced saved game that only appears once the player has beaten the game.

    Remort FAQs

    What are the typical benefits of remorting?

    Typical benefits of remorting include increased stats, access to exclusive skills or areas, and the ability to experience the game’s content anew with different gameplay dynamics. This can significantly enhance the player’s ability to explore different strategies and character builds.

    How does remort differ from rebirthing or reincarnating?

    Though similar, rebirthing or reincarnating usually refers to restarting a character at level one without initial enhancements, often in the context of single-player games. Remort specifically involves starting over with advantages that are not available to new characters, typically in multiplayer settings.

    What motivates players to remort?

    Players often choose to remort to experience the game from a fresh perspective while retaining a sense of progression and accomplishment. It provides a new challenge and a way to maximize a character’s potential beyond the initial endgame, keeping the gameplay engaging and rewarding.

    Can a player remort multiple times?

    In many MUDs that feature remorting, players can typically go through the remort process multiple times, each cycle offering additional benefits and making the character progressively stronger. This recursive remorting can be central to a game’s long-term appeal.

    What are the common conditions for remorting?

    Common conditions for remorting include reaching the maximum level or exhausting all available progression paths. Some games might also require the completion of specific quests or achievements before a player can initiate the remort process.

    Myths about remorts

    A common myth is that remorting makes a game too easy. On the contrary, many games adjust the difficulty curve post-remort to accommodate the enhanced abilities of characters, thus maintaining the game’s challenge.

    Another misconception is that all MUDs offer remorting; in reality, whether remorting is available depends heavily on the specific game and its codebase. Remorts are more likely to be found in hack-and-slash PvE games. They are far less likely to be found in roleplaying-heavy games, especially those that feature permadeath.

    Remort examples

    • After reaching level 100, a player in a fantasy MUD chooses to remort, resetting their character to level 1 but with added abilities like enhanced magic spells that were not available in their first playthrough.
    • In a sci-fi MUD, a player’s character who has completed all the quest lines available remorts to gain access to a special class of space explorer, allowing them to discover new planets that were previously inaccessible.
    • A player remorts their warrior, who after maxing out at level 50, starts over with the rare ability to dual-wield two-handed weapons, providing new tactical options in combat.
    • A character who has achieved the pinnacle of their thief skills opts to remort, receiving a unique “Shadow Cloak” ability that significantly boosts stealth tactics.
    • Upon reaching the highest possible honor in a martial arts-themed MUD, a player remorts to unlock the legendary “Dragon’s Breath” skill, making their character formidable in higher levels of play.

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