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Accessibility tips and advice for game creators, informed by interviews with non-sighted players and quotes from members of the VI community.

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Articles containing affiliate links. If you enjoy the content, please consider using these links for your next purchase. Doing so will help support the site at no extra cost to you.

Bonus Content

Articles that feature related bonus content for Supporters on Ko-fi. Bonus content is linked at the bottom of each article.


Tips and advice for making creating welcoming communities, addressing sources of toxicity, and solving community-related issues in roleplaying games.

Game Design

Practical advice for game creators, developers, and admins. Includes everything from considerations of game mechanics to player retention.


Information and advice relevant to people who play games online - especially text-based games. May include topics related to video games and tabletop games, too.

Ideas & Lists

Articles with ideas and/or lists useful for creative writing, world-building, or improving upon games.


Everything to do with the genre of multi-user dungeons (MUDs), including articles and advice specific to different styles of MU* games.


Ideas and advice related to roleplaying with text in multi-user (MU*) games, virtual tabletops sessions, Discord servers, forums, and even video game chat channels.


Tips and advice for storytelling, especially in the context of multiplayer text-based games such as MU*s, play-by-post games, and chatrooms that support roleplaying.


Ideas, stories, and advice relevant to tabletop roleplaying games (TTRPGs), especially sessions held virtually over text.


Ideas and advice for building immersive worlds game worlds with text, such as MU*s, play-by-post games, chatroom roleplay games, and interactive fiction.


Articles with ideas and advice for creative writers, especially those who write in the context of text games.
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